Monday, March 2, 2015

2010/2011 Dodge Viper

If you are looking for the 2011 Dodge Viper, you have to be disappointed because the Dodge Viper model for 2011 and 2012 cannot be found. It means that in the year of 2011, you can only choose the 2010 Dodge Viper. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry because this car comes with the acceleration which is defying the physics. The brakes capability of this car is also outstanding and it comes with handling which is inspired by the race. You must not forget about the styling of the car which is pretty aggressive. However, drive will not find too many aids from the electronics. The car is also too radical as well as rough for daily use. The seats are not comfortable and it comes with egress and entry which will make larger drivers difficult to access the car.

You can find the 2010/2011 Dodge Viper which is offered in SRT10 type and it is provided as soft top roadster and also two seats coupe. It comes with the massive wheels with forged aluminum as standard equipment. The seats inside the car are inspired from the race and there are also pedals with power adjustable specification. The steering wheel is titling and it is also completed with air conditioning system, full accessories for power, harness pre fabrication with six points, upholstery from Alcantara and leather, entry without key, and also the sound system with seven speakers as well as CD player.

In 2010/2011 Dodge Viper, you can also choose optional navigation system and satellite radio. The option of aerodynamic enhancement is also available so people can get the spoiler for the rear and the front of the car. It comes along with the Premium Tan package which brings addition of napa seats, roadster top which is convertible, and of course interior trim which is matching. People will also find the trim, wheel, and color which are varied.

You can bring enhancement for getting big performance of 2010/2011 Dodge Viper with the American Club Racer package which can only be applied for the coupe variant. It can be used on the street legally but there is no doubt that the ACR package is designed for the track use because it comes with the wheels shod which is lighter and also tires which is stickier. According to, there are also some other features including the brake rotors which are lighter, suspension which is stiffer with shocks which can be adjusted in 14 ways, shifter with short throw, fog lamps which are deleted, and 46 pounds reduction from the standard coupe size. If the ACR package is not enough, people can go further with Hard Core package enhancement.

The 2010/2011 Dodge Viper comes with V10 engine which is capable of 8.4 fuels so it can produce the 600 horsepower and also 560 pound feet of torque. You can find the ACR package which makes the car lighter than the standard car but the lighter car does not make it move faster than the standard option. The rear wheels become the direction of the power through the manual transmission with six speeds. It is the only transmission option which is available for 2010/2011 Dodge Viper after all. Once again, people with larger size can find difficulty for accessing the driver seat. The Dodge Viper comes with the side exhaust trademark so they can still be satisfied with the side sills which are pretty impressive. Hampers entry and exit will be experienced by the drivers with taller body because the car comes with smallish door opening. Uncomfortable feeling can also be experienced by people with wider bottoms.

Drab overall interior design can be found from 2010/2011 Dodge Viper but at least people can find the two tones color scheme as well as inserts of the dash panel which is optional and useful for livening up the appearance of the car. The gauges come with black and white face so it will be able to read easily and it is also placed properly. In the center of the instrument pod, people can find the large sized tachometer placed beside the speedometer with maximum 220mph ability. There is also center console which can accommodate from additional gauges to starter button. The price range of this car is $90,255-$91,005.

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